The best, most efficient way to capture aerial imagery.

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  • The Forefront of Imaging & Flight Technology

    With centimetre accurate sensors and adaptive in-flight pathing technology, our UAVs can get you the images that you need, as you need them.

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  • Multi-Purpose User Centric Service

    Access your captured imagery online from anywhere, regardless of the type of project being performed or platform you use.

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  • Fast, efficient and cost-effective

    Using the latest in UAV and computing technology, we are able to offer service turnaround-times of under 1 week at best.

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Precision Agriculture

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's sensors have the ability to acquire field data that can assist in increasing crop yield by up to 20%

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Mining Industry

A more cost-effective way to capture aerial images for your current or future mining projects

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Mine Security

Keep a watchful eye in the sky with our centimetre accurate UAV sensors

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Speed when it counts

Easily access your processed imagery online through our secure cloud. Simply log onto the website with your credentials and select the date and location you wish to view. The scanned imagery will be viewable, overlayed on an interactive map and available for direct download.

Using high powered parallel computing systems, we are able to rapidly take the raw data from the UAV, process it and upload it for access online.

Need something more specific?

Whether you need an overhead image, a multispectral scan, or a more specialized sensor for your project, let us know how we can assist you.

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